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About AJ Jewellery

AJ is a jewellery designer specialising in beadwork. She is passionate about the colour, feel and texture of beads and enjoys working on new pieces. She is highly driven by learning something new.

AJ Jewellery was created out of this passion in 2010, when she first fell in love with beads and it has grown steadily over the years. She knows that style is always changing and she enjoys the challenge of creating something unique for her customers that will suit their style and taste.

AJ believes that jewellery is meant to be worn and not stored away for special occasions. There is no joy in that. So, wear your pieces with pride and feel great doing so.

She wishes to thank you all for joining her on this journey.

Ongoing exhibitions
The Kilrane Gallery, Co Wexford.

We ship to all over Ireland but if you live further a field contact me by personal email or at  info@crafterskilrane.ie

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