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New Lockdown Book Gives Insight into Life In Rural Wexford

Wexford Photographer, Alan Mahon, has spent the last seven months documenting the lives of his neighbours in Piercestown and Murrintown. The results of his efforts led him to produce a fascinating book called Lockdown In An Irish Rural Community. It is a photo documentary showing how the lockdown and Covid-19 impacted on the lives of these country people.

It all came about when the lockdown began on the 27th March. Alan was unemployed and, being an active photographer, he was used to travelling all over county Wexford and beyond. Suddenly he found himself confined to 2km of his home, out of a job and nothing to do. In order to keep himself sane he began to do a lot of walking. He would then meet other people out walking, jogging or working in their gardens. He would often stop to have a chat with them and many would have interesting stories to tell of how this sudden change in lifestyle affected them. He then began taking photographs of them and writing about their situation.

The weeks rolled into months and it wasn’t long before Alan had quite a collection of photographs and stories compiled. It wasn’t just people he photographed but also events that took place during the lockdown such as outdoor bingo, street singing and even a french horn recital in a cornfield.

Ongoing exhibitions The Kilrane Gallery, Co Wexford.

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The photographs in the book captures a diverse range of people, mood and lifestyles that is typical of rural life. Even though it is about the people of Murrintown and Piercestown it could easily apply to anywhere in rural Ireland, which is why Alan named the book Lockdown In An Irish Rural Community.

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