Darlene Garr

About Darlene

Born in the USA, internationally known Abstract Expressionist, Darlene Garr has been painting professionally for over 35 years and with more than 250 solo and group shows has received wide recognition for her talent. Boasting collectors from around the world. Since arriving in Ireland, from Brussels, over 22 years ago, she has found her voice.

In Darlene’s work, spontaneous movement is as much a medium as the paint itself. Sweeping, relaxed motion allows her to instinctively lay down form and colour in a fluid, high energy manner which keeps the work very physical in nature.

As a self-taught artist, she has approached her art with abandoned intuition and as her painting continues to evolve, it is still in pursuit of the same goal: to capture that feeling of mystery and awe that compels her to paint.

Darlene is a regular exhibitor at the Marine Artists Exhibitions on Dun Laoghaire Pier, People’s Art on Stephen’s Green and GRAPE on Sundays at Greystones Harbour.

The amazing light, movement and colours in the Irish Skies keep me inspired to create what is seeking expression then joyfully engage with whatever surfaces.

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