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Tony Mullen is a freelance photographer based in County Wexford.  Tony specializes in landscape and seascape photography as well as providing photography walks in County Wexford. 

Thank you for taking some time to visit my page here at The Kilrane Gallery. I am delighted to be one of the featured photographers at the Kilrane Gallery which opened in 2018. The Kilrane Gallery is owned by Patrick O’Reilly and provides me and all the other wonderful creators a beautiful space to sell our work. I provide photographic prints in an ever changing range of sizes, styles, mounts and frames and have something to suit all needs.

My interest in photography began many years ago when I was attending classes in darkroom film printing. From then on the photography bug was always with me to some degree or other and my first film camera was a Konica SLR

About nine years ago I bought my first digital SLR and I very quickly realised my passion for photography was as strong as ever. My photography is mostly centred around my two passions in life – the landscape and the outdoors.
I am blessed to have a handful of friends who all share a passion for the outdoors and over the past 30 years we have made a point of meeting up regularly at some fabulous locations around Ireland. The company, the conversations and our surroundings in nature make the day and of course the locations have provided me with ample opportunity for capturing images.

As a landscape photographer I should point out that I also spend many hours alone capturing images and I love to experience the solitude during this time. I believe the solitude helps you to slow down in general and take much more notice of your surroundings. Quite often I will remind myself to stop and listen to the sounds around me be it waves on the shore, the winds, birdsong or just simple silence. I know for sure that the practice of slowing down helps me greatly in improving my photography techniques, compositions and overall imagery.

All of my images are available to purchase and are printed, mounted and framed to a professional standard. Please do not hesitate to contact the The Kilrane Gallery should you have any questions about my photography.

Ongoing exhibitions
The Kilrane Gallery, Co Wexford.

We ship to all over Ireland but if you live further a field contact me by personal email or at

Tony Mullen Photography

I love capturing images in all sorts of weather and conditions and I particularly enjoy planning a photography trip. What kind of light can I expect ? Will the weather provide a challenge ? For me the excitement of the photo shoot stems from dealing with so many natural variables and getting rewarded with that special light that is often all too fleeting. When it all comes together it brings a great sense of appreciation, satisfaction, a sense of well being and most importantly – a continued and deep passion for my photography.

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